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This is an Example of a Personal Real Estate Page

Helen Potgieter

Cell: 062 789 5289


Skype: helenhome


45 Orion street,


Connect with me on my social platforms - all these icons will be linked to your personal pages


AMRealty is a platform for agents only. All member agents will have their own personal page like this one. Here you can integrate your social media pages, show your personal testimonials, showcase your mandates and write blogs about any topics you wish. This is phase one of the website development. Our goal is to offer agents a platform where they can creat inbound traffic that will reach them. Social media, YouTube and blogging form an integral part of inbound marketing.

Blogging and back links form an integral part of inbound marketing. AMRealty has been developed for Progressive Agents only allowing you to brand yourself, showcase your mandates and interact with your audience. 

Your personal page web address will be 


This is a powerful marketing tool. This will be a revolving module displaying one testimonial at a time. Again you could link this back from your social media posts.

Your Personal blog

Blog as often as you want. This could be linked back from your social media posts. This is a link to one of your blog posts

SOME OF MY EXCLUSIVE MANDATES - Click on the image for listing detail